Where I Got My Squid Game Halloween Costume

Who else is on the hunt for a Squid Game costume in time for Halloween? It’s been hard to find an affordable, yet efficient way of getting me that squid game costume.

I found this site on Reddit – https://www.squidgameuniforms.com

Squid Game is the Korean gameshow drama that recently launched on Netflix. It debuted in September and has been rising in popularity ever since.

Now you have to be quick to get a costume for it, because it is going to be sold out if you don’t! It’s hard finding a source for the cosplays that is not likely to take forever to deliver them. That’s why I was happy when SquidGameUniforms.com found where you could get the costumes from Amazon itself – easier to see how they would be supplied.

They exhibit exactly how to look like your favorite contestants, like Abdul Ali, Kang Sae-byeok, Seong Gi-hun , Oh Il-nam, and Cho Sang-woo. A lot of peeps have been trying to get the squid game player or guard uniforms. I just wanted to be able to get the masks to be honest.

But the SquidGameUniforms website showed me how to get the comprehensive costumes, even with masks and shoes, through Amazon! They also have The Masked Man’s mask, and the VIP masks that were worn by those wealthy American VIPs in Squid Game. You can even buy the Red Light Green Light doll girl lol.

It’s been nice having together the parts to become a Squid Game soldier for halloween online, so I wanted to share this for anyone else on the hunt.

Hope this helps!

Thanks again to Reddit for making my Squid Game soldier costume dreams come true 🙂

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