OUR GOAL for the 2017 Say It Forward Campaign is to diminish the stigma of mental illness and encourage people to maintain a balance of strength between their brain and their body. The concept “pay it forward” means to perform one selfless good deed to inspire another; “Say It Forward” does the same thing by educating and speaking out against stigma. Between raising a family, maintaining our careers, our education, and contributing to our communities, it is difficult to take mind to your mind. Together lets join with those who have a bipolar diagnosis, those who provide support and love, and our new friends across the globe to combat stigma by Saying it Forward.

The difference between exercising in the gym and exercising in the mind is that brain results are less physically obvious to you. This week we encourage you to join International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) in support of the 60 million people living with bipolar disorder and each of our journeys to a mighty mind.

TAKE ACTION this week and share, comment on, and like our social media posts regarding our MIND THE MIND mental health campaign. Each day from Oct 8th through the 14th (Sun-Sat) IBPF will be posting new content on Instagram and Facebook with tips, stories, and insight on living with a diagnosis and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


#SIF2017 Mind Your Mind…It depends on you to stay in shape

Welcome to the 2017 Say It Forward Campaign! Please interact with our social media this week and share your stories of success and struggles and tips for staying mentally fit!

This week is devoted to fighting the stigma that surrounds mental health. Comment below on how you encourage positivity in conversations about mental illness


#bebrainfit Tips for Staying Mentally Fit

  • Maintain a healthy and whole lifestyle
  • Know yourself and forgive yourself
  • Meditate and take a break
  • Simplify your life and conserve energy!
  • Every moment provides the opportunity to start over again

Let’s Talk: Share your tips for staying mentally fit!


#stopthestigma Advocate today for World Mental Health Day

  • Advocate and Educate everyday
  • Help stop the stigma of mental illness by being knowledgeable
  • Connect with individuals and/or organizations that understand mental health
  • Be a champion to those in need

Interactive: What can we do to elliminate stigma?


#IGiveCare Caregivers Day

Tanya Griffith’s Caregivers Story:
In caring for my daughter I have found it essential to meet her where she is. I practice seeing her as clearly as I can and at the same time I practice being aware of my own emotions so that I can better know what to do or what to say to help. Often there isn’t anything to do but to listen and witness. To be truly seen and heard is powerful for both involved.


#talkmentalhealth #youthawareness 

Youth Mental Health Awareness

Friends of IBPF share some unique ways they deal with stress on a daily basis 


Let’s Talk: What are some ways you overcome stress?


#ibpftalks Let’s Talk Mental Health!

  • How do you initiate mental health conversations?
  • How do you counter negativity about mental illness?
  • What can we all do to fight the stigma?
  • What should the world know about Bipolar Disorder?


#behope Let’s Give Hope!

  • Be Vocal
  • Make A Difference
  • Always try to provide support
  • Fight stigma
  • Say It Forward

The 2017 Say It Forward Campaign is here and the friends, families, and community members of International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) are coming together again to challenge the stigma of mental illness! The concept “pay it forward” means to perform a selfless good deed for another and “Say It Forward” does the same thing by educating and speaking out against stigma.

This week, we are encouraging people to take the time to be both physically AND mentally fit in their lives. With most symptoms of mental illness being invisible, it is important to properly educate everyone about techniques to strengthen the brain. Please join International Bipolar Foundation in promoting a balanced mind and body lifestyle! Let’s combat mental illness together by helping our loved ones to thrive.

Fight the stigma of mental illness by Saying it Forward!